Use the energy cushion to redirect positive, harmonious energy to the body while at work or during longer car rides, as well as when lying in bed or on the sofa. The energy thus transmitted helps to reduce tiredness and feelings of discomfort.

The joint band is charged with positive harmonious vibrations that are transmitted to sensitive places in the body, allowing the body to regenerate better and stay energetic. The cover of the joint band is made of terry cloth and washable up to 60 degrees.

Complete with 1 Meditation CD

The cover of the energy cushion and the joint band is made of terry cloth and washable up to 60 degrees.

Set with: energy cushion 360mm x 360mm, joint band 440mm x 80mm, 1 Mediation CD

Plant Coasters

Use the small plant coaster for pots with a diameter of up to 16 cm and the big one for pots with a diameter of 16 cm or more. The coasters direct positive vibrations to plants and flowers, which makes plants grow better and keep longer.

The plant coasters are washable but not dishwashersafe.

The set contains:

Size(big): 156mm x 156mm x 1 Piece
Size(small): 86mm x 86mm x 8 Pieces

Energy Pad for Bees

Bees are radiation seekers. The energy pad directs a large amount of geopathic stress to bees, creating an environment where radiation avoiders such as the Varroa mite cannot breed. At the same time, the bees benefit from positive harmonious vibrations.

The energy pad for bees is washable and can be used outdoors, but is not dishwasher-safe.

Size: 420mm x 300mm

Beverage Coaster

Use the beverage coaster to neutralize negative vibrations in all beverages and enrich them with positive vibrations instead.

The beverage coasters are washable but not dishwaschersafe.

Set contains:

Size: 86mm x 86mm x 12 Pieces

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